“Isti home” means “Warm Home”

Isti home – it’s comfortable, handmade, simple things for the house and good toys for children.

Here you will find textiles made of natural fabrics: linen, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins, aprons and other things that will help to create coziness in your home.
In our work we use the ancient technique of hand-printed cloth (blockprint). We create unique patterns on the fabrics that make a special thing.

Coming up with toys, we put good and tender in them.
Delicate deer, hare with wings and gentle bears become true friends for your children.

Wearing an apron from Isti Home you immerse yourself in the peace and warmth. Here you take out of the oven the most delicious apple cake, put it on a table covered with a linen tablecloth and a white ceramic vase of wild flowers. The only thing left is to gather friends!
More recently, we have begun to create free style linen dresses – for those who is free inside. They are spacious, living. They are dancing.

Feel the comfort and warmth with Isti Home.

Iana Godenko