I believe home is the place where people open up and show their qualities.
It’s a unique place where you and your family feel comfortable.
Every home differs because all of us are different.

When I got family, I’ve decided to make our home feel like ours. It was difficult to find something special and unique in the modern world of sameness and ordinariness. That’s why I’ve decided to craft something myself.

I was inspired by an ancient woodblock printing technique, the process of printing patterns on textiles, decorating clothes and even interior. I gleaned information about block printing until the moment when there was only one thing lacking – wooden stamps.

I remembered that my uncle used to wood curve. So I’ve made some drawings and asked my uncle to carve the first wooden stamps for me. I started decorating textiles with these stamps. I used decorated textiles for sewing napkins and pillowcases. That is how I’ve put a part of myself into my home.

Then my friends and even their friends asked me to make some block printed handicrafts for them.
Later, some people got interested in the block printing technique. Like me, they wanted to create some items that would decorate their homes.

That’s how IstiHome has been created.
It’s not just a shop of stamps and block printing materials.
The main value of IstiHome is the will to share my experience and teach others how to block print.
I’m happy to inspire people with one simple idea – every person can create a unique special thing that makes a place a home.