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Leaf stamp, wooden block stamp, botanical print, clay stamp

Leaf stamp, wooden block stamp, botanical print, clay stamp

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Leaf stamp for creating gorgeous plant patterns on your favorite decorative objects.

There are a dozen ways to use this plant stamp. Surprise your friend with a lovely botanical gift. Decorate your favorite table runner. Make the home office cozier by creating a gorgeous flower pattern on the desk. Use this plant stamp for making handwritten letters even more beautiful. Experiment! You'll love the results.

A botanical stamp will help you create cute flower prints on fabrics. It may also become an important tool for your weekend crafts.

Size: 5×2 cm (about 1.9x0.7 in)
Material: wood

Such wooden stamps are used for block printing - making beautiful patterns on fabric.

Also, you can use such eco wooden feather stamps for:
• printing on fabric
• decorative paper design
• making patterns on wrapping paper
• making patterns on ceramics clay works
• creating greeting cards
• stamping on soap

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