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Dandelion stamp, clay stamps, craft supplies, diy supplies

Dandelion stamp, clay stamps, craft supplies, diy supplies

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Dandelion stamp for gorgeous floral patterns.

A lovely dandelion stamp that will help you turn your home into a real flower garden. This botanical stamp will become an inherent part of your favorite DIY supplies collection. It's a ceramics stamp that may also serve as a scrapbooking stamp or a soap stamp.

This is a plant stamp that will let natural patterns bloom on any textile. At Isti Home, we use such stamps for block printing. In such way, we create lovely patterns on linen and cotton clothes. Dresses, tops, napkins, table runners... All these things look even more gorgeous when decorated with patterns.

Size : 3×9 cm ( about 1.1x3.5 in)
Material: wood

You can use such wooden stamps for:
• printing on fabric
• decorative paper design
• making patterns on wrapping paper
• making patterns on ceramics clay works
• creating greeting cards
• stamping on the soap


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