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The engaging art of block printing tutorial

The engaging art of block printing tutorial

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With this PDF TUTORIAL, you can learn the engaging art of block printing - the technique of creating prints on different fabrics. So if you're searching for easy ideas on how to make a block-printed bag for beginners, this DF tutorial is a perfect option for you. With this pdf pattern, you'll find out everything needed about stamps, paints, fabrics, main care rules, the process of block printing, etc.

Such DIY printing is an interesting process that allows you to decorate different surfaces. Enjoy creating your own block-printed bag. Get ready to answer all those questions about "Wow, where have you got this awesome bag?"

* * * THIS IS A PDF TUTORIAL, not a finished product. Your tutorial will be ready for an instant download once the payment is processed. * * *

This tutorial includes detailed photos and descriptions of the block printing process step by step. With this master class, you'll easily learn how to make prints on a cotton bag by yourself.


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